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How to "dance with Wolves" under the shackles of WTO (Part 2)

how should tobacco enterprises cope with the era of dancing with wolves

wolves have long come, but they have never had the opportunity to start. Under the monopoly system, Guoyan has been shackled by the Framework Convention before it has grown and expanded and the market of cast aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine is close to saturation. How can Guoyan speed up its internal skills and dance with foreign smoke wolves with strong capital, strong brand and mature operation

first, establish the operation mechanism of modern marketing

marketing has experienced three important stages: 4Ps, 4Cs and 4Rs. 4Ps refers to products, prices, channels and promotions, and is the product of the seller's market; 4Cs refers to customers, costs, convenience and communication, and is the product of the buyer's market; 4Rs refers to relevance, reaction, relationship and return, and is the product of the new marketing era. In terms of the current situation of national tobacco development, it is far from the laws of various marketing rules. National tobacco enterprises should follow these rules and become marketing masters

first of all, Guoyan should follow the market rule of "consumer demand-oriented" in the buyer's market, establish a customer demand information feedback system, and change the idea of "what we want to do" into the consciousness of "what the market needs us to do"

secondly, strengthen the construction of channels. At present, channel construction is mainly the construction of terminals. How to occupy channel resources, and use these resources to establish star stores, image stores, counters, etc., to improve brand image, has absolute strategic significance

thirdly, the means of modern marketing are various, and the market situation is changing rapidly. Whether an enterprise can adapt to the rapid changes in the market and respond quickly directly determines the efficiency and success of the enterprise. Guoyan should establish a marketing management system with clear levels of responsibility, power and benefit, which is directly in the charge of the marketing department, in order to strengthen the combat ability of the team and the adaptability of rapid sample cutting, measurement and experiment, so as to meet the needs of the new competitive environment

second, join forces to expand strength

as the saying goes, it's good to enjoy the cool under a big tree. For small and medium-sized brands with weak funds and insufficient market operation experience, the most effective way is to marry strong brands. Marriage has several advantages: 1. Reduce competition; 2. Improve their own brand image; 3. Enhance competitive strength; 4. Learn the advanced operation means or technology of strong brands; 5. Capital operation can be realized. For national strong brands, taking some local strong brands under their control and using their marketing resources and channel resources are also a good way to strengthen themselves. National tobacco enterprises should make preparations in advance and make themselves bigger and stronger in a short time, so as to stand the test when the storm is coming

third, strengthen the research and development ability of products

according to the survey, more than 30% of smokers are taste oriented, and different consumer groups have different tastes. On the basis of studying consumers' taste preferences, tobacco enterprises must consider the changes of the trend of the times, the consistency of brand core values and other market factors, work hard in the materials, formulas, processes, technologies and other aspects of cigarettes, form their own unique advantages, and narrow the gap with foreign cigarettes in core technology, so as to be evenly matched in the competition

fourth, seize channel resources and establish their own image terminals

we can provide you with relevant information control over the monopoly of the state on tobacco business and the law on tobacco advertising. Enterprises almost lose control over channels, and the establishment of their own monopoly image stores is also restricted at different levels. In the case of fierce competition, the available channel resources are very limited, and enterprises have little choice, and even have to pay a high price for it

for tobacco brands, seizing channel resources and establishing their own image terminals have immeasurable competitive strategic significance and brand publicity value. According to the marketing objectives, enterprises can first classify the market development level according to the region, and determine which regions are the first construction level and which regions are the second construction level. Then, list which are class a image terminals and which are class B image terminals in order of regional importance. Third, after the image terminal is determined, different policies should be formulated according to different competition states and different conditions of each terminal, and the image terminal system should be established one by one. When the image terminal forms a certain formation, the enterprise can not only be the king because of having channels, but also the brand image will be greatly improved, and the brand will play a decisive role in the market

fifth, find another way to strengthen the brand

the development of a strong brand needs to go through five stages: popularity, recognition, reputation, loyalty and dependence. Its shaping needs a long-term and unremitting process of communication with consumers. Without communication, the position of the brand in the hearts of consumers cannot be fixed. In the transitional period, it is of decisive strategic significance for any national tobacco brand to establish a national or regional strong brand at the fastest speed

although the spread of tobacco brands has always been marginal, various disguised tobacco advertisements have been banned in CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV, including some key cities, after the Framework Convention. Tobacco brands must seek a new way of communication to open the way for brand building. The new means of communication can be considered from two aspects:

first, it will evolve in the original way:

1. Develop industries similar to tobacco brands, and make suggestive or associative image publicity for tobacco brands with image advertisements that are not restricted by law

2. Build brand image by using terminal stores, counters, product displays, product displays, etc

3. Skillfully publicize with the help of various public welfare sponsorship activities. Relevant identifiable images appear in public welfare sponsorship to improve brand awareness and reputation

4. Sponsor internal activities of enterprises and institutions. For example, by donating wall calendars, desk calendars, decorative office supplies and other promotional materials with promotional significance to large enterprises or institutions

5. Send special personnel to public places to distribute small gifts related to cigarettes with promotional significance. Such as lighters, exquisite cigarette packs, ashtrays, Keychains, etc. Second, innovate new ways of brand communication:

1. Achieve the purpose of brand communication through corporate image communication. Employees' unified work clothes and work cards are a way of spreading the corporate brand image, and also a disguised publicity way of the product brand image. National tobacco enterprises can integrate their internal employees and channel members, establish a huge staff team, wear overalls and work badges with image recognition and publicity functions all year round, and flow in the society, so as to achieve a good brand image communication effect

2. Cultivate opinion leaders and spread them by word of mouth. It is also a good brand communication way to recommend products to customers through terminal shopping guides, or cultivate loyal consumers, and influence surrounding target groups and potential consumer groups through loyal consumers

in short, Guoyan should take precautions, stay at the forefront of the times, make full preparations in advance, and quickly establish its core competitive advantage, so as to control its destiny in the future business sea

source: China Marketing Communication

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