ABB wins the world's first shipboard DC power grid

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ABB won the world's first ship borne DC project

the world's first ship borne DC power solution will be undertaken by ABB

ship borne DC power will become the future of ship power supply in the 21st century

ship borne DC power will reduce ship fuel consumption and emissions by 20%

Zurich, Switzerland. On February 24, 2012, ABB Group has received an order from the owner myklebusthaug management company, Provide its ships with the world's first on-board DC power. The equipment will maximize the energy efficiency of the new offshore platform supply ship currently being built in Norway and minimize emissions

traditional building electric drive ships use AC lines to supply power to multiple DC lines that drive propellers and propulsion drives, consuming 80% of the power. ABB's shipboard DC has made great progress in optimizing the propulsion system. Power can be greatly saved by transmitting power through a single DC line

abb shipboard DC was launched in May 2011. It is an electric power solution to revitalize the application of DC technology, which can provide efficient power distribution and electric propulsion systems for all kinds of ships that will develop new methods. It is designed for ships with low-voltage lines, such as offshore engineering ships, tugs, ferries and yachts, which can reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of ships by up to 20%

ruinick, head of ABB process automation business department, said: through this solution, ships can use auxiliary DC power supplies such as solar panels, fuel cells and batteries directly connected to the ship's DC power, so as to save energy to the greatest extent. Shipboard DC will help ships achieve high energy efficiency and low emissions from the first day of service

abb will provide a complete set of shipboard DC systems, including a full set of power, propulsion and automation systems, for this 93 meter long, 5000 ton multi-purpose oil field supply engineering ship over the past 10 years. The ship is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2013

a major advantage of ABB shipboard DC is that the engine on board no longer has to run at a fixed speed, and the ship's energy consumption can be optimized by adjusting the engine speed. In addition, DC saves bulky transformers and distribution boards, and the volume and weight of the electrical system can be reduced by 30%, thus providing more space for passengers and goods on board. In addition, the installation layout of various equipment on board can also be more flexible

abb is a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, ranking among the global top 500. Abb is committed to helping power, utilities and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing the impact on the environment of how to choose practical electronic tensile machines. ABB Group has businesses in more than 100 countries and 130000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, with 18000 employees, 34 local enterprises and sales and service networks in 80 cities across the country. To learn more about abb, please visit

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