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In the age of artificial intelligence, how should customer service respond

as the window of the enterprise, the customer center undertakes the service functions of pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and other links, and acts as an important bridge between the enterprise and customers

with the wide application of mobile Internet, e-commerce, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, people's habits of preheating machines are constantly changing, and customers' expectations for service efficiency and customer experience are getting higher and higher. This also means that the operation pressure of the customer center is increasing

how the customer center adapts to the changes of the market, the changes of user behavior and the development of intelligent technology, and how to integrate the traditional service center into a customer interaction platform integrating service, marketing and sales has become an urgent problem for the managers of the customer center to think about and solve

business pain point 1: complex voice interface and poor self-service

the traditional push-button IVR (interactive voice response) system in the customer center often cannot bring a good customer experience according to the way of selecting keys level by level according to the menu. Customers need to spend a long time and patience to make judgments and choices. The complex user interface makes it impossible to quickly find the self-service entrance, so they lose patience and are forced to choose manual customer service, Increase seat pressure

Baidu voice ivr:

stand by all day to improve user satisfaction: provide 7*24-hour automated services, handle a variety of calls at the same time, reduce the probability of customers hanging up, and improve satisfaction

independent system, convenient internal management of the enterprise: it can provide completely independent information systems for internal personnel or customers of the enterprise at the same time

intelligent allocation to meet the needs of complex calls: in call allocation, it can be automatically allocated according to the optimal algorithm, and it can also process calls according to user instructions

speech synthesis enriches enterprise service scenarios: speech synthesis technology supports playing voice prompts or consulting information in different languages with different requirements

business pain point 2: the pressure of seat training is high, and the service monitoring is difficult.

the first impression and satisfaction of customers to the enterprise more often depend on the attitude, emotion, conversation skills and business ability of the seat representative. However, customer centers often face the dilemma of high turnover rate and low quality of employees. How to stabilize the technical level of employees, share high-quality service experience, and reduce training costs, so as to ensure consulting efficiency and quality has become a difficult problem for enterprises

Baidu gold script

customer portrait helps enterprises understand customers in depth: through comprehensively integrated customer portrait information, depict the characteristics of enterprises and contacts, promote in-depth understanding of customers, and make full preparations for calls

script recommendation, assist customer service to quickly respond to business: express the sales points that have been communicated and can be communicated, recommend response points and personalized scripts for customer problems, get through the public search of customer related business, and promote information in the same industry

data precipitation helps enterprises summarize excellent scripts: let users mark excellent scripts, introduce users who quickly press the "stop" button and let go to build knowledge, and precipitate excellent sales experience. The smoothness of the film is important to be completed by adding smoothing agent as a learning resource for new sales

Baidu voice quality inspection

real time monitoring to improve customer satisfaction: automatically turn the recording into text, identify invalid recordings, abuse customers, reply to scripts and other key problems, achieve 100% recording coverage, monitor the quality of customer service in real time, and improve customer satisfaction and user experience

multi function interface to improve the efficiency of enterprise monitoring: you can query the machine inspection results by selecting the problem type, time period and audit status, and select a specific machine inspection result to view the details of violations; Refer to the problem fragment, and the corresponding article mainly shows several characteristics: 1. This book is a fast positioning problem

business pain point 3: there are many customer problems, and it is difficult for agents to deal with them.

on the one hand, the customer center should transmit the information of products and services to customers, on the other hand, it should transmit customers' needs and suggestions to enterprises. However, the knowledge base of many customer centers is old and the information is not comprehensive, so the seat representatives cannot deal with the complex and strange problems of customers, so they cannot provide accurate and efficient services

Baidu intelligent knowledge base

data mining, efficient establishment of enterprise knowledge base: relying on Baidu's large amount of question and answer data, we can identify enterprise common corpus through machine learning algorithm, and provide customers with a standard common knowledge base

autonomous learning, optimize enterprise question and answer ability: through continuous mining of historical conversations between users and robots/customer service, autonomous learning is carried out, and the ability to solve problems is continuously improved

in the AI era, choose Baidu intelligent customer service solution

Baidu intelligent customer service solution to help enterprises carry out intelligent transformation of traditional manual customer service, telemarketing seats and other use scenarios, combine voice IVR, gold medal script, voice quality inspection, intelligent knowledge base and other products, support multi industry and multi scene proprietary knowledge and customization, provide intelligent tools for multi-functional scenarios, and strive to reduce enterprise costs and improve customer service efficiency, Provide customers with a better user experience

01, simple and easy to use to reduce the transformation cost

it is designed to provide corresponding scene intelligent solutions for traditional customer service, telemarketing personnel, traditional quality inspection and other fields of enterprises, so as to reduce the learning cost of intelligent transformation

02. Customized services fit business scenarios

on the basis of Baidu's high accuracy in various fields, it can provide high-precision customized services for specific industries, specific business scopes and specific scenarios of enterprises

03. Stable and efficient service risk reduction

relying on Baidu cloud services and Baidu artificial intelligence technology strength, provide enterprise level stable, accurate and large flow service support

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