How to deal with the failure of sand blasting mach

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How to deal with the failure of sandblasting machine

in our daily life, no matter what type of mechanical equipment, there will always be some failures, and the same is true of sandblasting machine. That 5. Electronic tensile testing machine is divided from the shape of experimental materials: circular, square, tubular, linear, banded, shaped, foil, etc; What should we do if the sandblasting machine breaks down

of course, sandblasting machine is a common casting mechanical equipment. With the wide application of sandblasting machine, some operators who are troubled by the failure of sandblasting machine will not continue to use the sandblasting machine if the failure is not eliminated in time. Now let's take a look at the common faults of sandblasting machine

fault phenomenon of sand blasting machine:

no compressed air, no abrasive

possible causes:

1 Compressed air does not open

2 The set pressure of the pressure regulating valve is too low

3 The foot switch is not adjusted or damaged

4 Sand blasting or abrasive valve blockage

5 The safety gas circuit is cut off

6 The main pressure regulating valve of sand blasting machine is broken

7 The control weight is 20% less than that of traditional seats. The pressure regulating valve of the main domestic carbon fiber precursor manufacturers is broken

methods for troubleshooting sandblasting machine:

1 Turn on the air supply

2 Adjust the pressure to above 0.5MPa

3 Adjust or replace the foot switch

4 Clean the nozzle or abrasive valve or reinstall

5 Check the valve on the safety gas circuit

6 Check the main pressure regulating valve of sand blasting machine

7 Check the sandblasting machine control valve

(2) sandblasting machine fault: good sand enters the vacuum bag

possible causes:

1 The gap of the new vacuum bag is large

2 Sand material is too fine


1 Generally, it can be cleared after 8 hours of use

2 Use coarse sand

(3) fault phenomenon of sand blasting machine: sand material leakage

possible cause: the vacuum bag has holes or is not clamped

Troubleshooting: replace the vacuum bag and re clamp the vacuum bag

(4) fault phenomenon of sand blasting machine: poor vision during sand blasting

possible cause:

1 Dust bag blockage

2 The dust bag is aging and blocked

3 Sand contains too much dust

4 Compressed air pressure is too high


1 Vibration blasting machine suction photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output dust bag

2 Replace the dust bag of sand blasting machine

3 Replace sand

4 Lower the pressure (end) according to the recommended pressure of the sand blasting machine

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