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Keyuan 400 service builds a bridge to communicate with you

Hello! Welcome to call Keyuan. This is 400 service. Whenever you dial in, you can hear such warm and kind words

Keyuan 400 service for your reference. Since its opening, it has been adhering to the concept of customer demand as the center and service as the guide, and has continuously provided customers with pre-sales and after-sales technical consultation, model selection, product inquiry, logistics services, purchase methods, market and sales policies, order conditions, complaints and other needs to provide perfect and satisfactory services

we strive to achieve success in everything and get an answer every time. Every day, for the problems and requirements raised by customers in, we have to fill in the customer demand processing form, as if we have successfully indicated the time, cause, handler, processing results and other information, so as to facilitate the filing and return visit. Liu Jianyao, vice president of Keyuan, said

it is understood that in order to enable customer service personnel to answer customer questions in a timely and accurate manner, Keyuan Co., Ltd. has conducted a strict screening of full-time service personnel. They all have solid relevant theoretical knowledge and rich work experience in on-site installation, maintenance services and so on. In addition to professional product knowledge, excellent communication skills also play a very important role in meeting customer needs. When dealing with visits and complaints, they are enthusiastic, proactive, timely, adhere to principles and highlight service; Never prevaricate and embarrass customers

every month, the customer service staff will summarize the service of the month, make a report, and feel ashamed to send it to the heads of various departments within Keyuan. The service opens a communication window not only for customers, but also for the interior of Keyuan

Liu Jianyao said: 400 can aim at specific problems, integrate internal resources of the company by specific personnel, help customers quickly solve problems, reduce the level of communication and shorten the service cycle. Keyuan is committed to providing customers with high-quality services, and pursuing customer satisfaction is our consistent goal

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