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Kinco Buke's "automation with you" national tour promotion conference Suzhou station will be held soon

due to the rapid development of China's economy and the sustained high growth of policy oriented emerging markets, all industries have a strong demand for technology upgrading, the long-term development of factory automation and the integration of informatization. Industrial automation can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce raw material consumption and reduce labor costs. Users urgently hope that automation suppliers can solve the automation technology problems faced by production equipment that can be widely used in military, aerospace, electronics and other high-tech fields, and provide them with complete sets of automation solutions

as a leading representative of China's industrial control brand, Shanghai Buke Automation Co., Ltd. has always taken it as its responsibility to provide global customers with Chinese automation solutions and ultimately provide users with personalized solutions, and constantly create the greatest value for customers. In 2011, Buke will bring the latest automation products and technologies, and sincerely invite you to jointly build a 2 The cable connecting the sensor and the host shall not have an intermediate joint, a platform for technical exchange and cooperation, solve problems, explore good strategies, and promote the development of the industry

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Suzhou Heying 138 6209 4373

Shenzhen xiongxiao fax

or click here to download the "Registration form". After filling in, please send it to xiongxiao@ in the form of email, and we will reply to you at the first time and send you an invitation to participate in the meeting. The site can participate in the on-site lottery with personal business cards or invitations

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address: Holiday Inn Union Suzhou (No. 99, Jiefang East Road, Suzhou)


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