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Kimberly Clark signed a contract with the daily excellent fresh strategy to jointly create a new benchmark for cooperation between fresh e-commerce and FMCG

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recent 2013 ldquo; 4 middot; 20 rdquo; On the day after the Lushan earthquake, Kimberly Clark reached a strategic cooperation with Youxian daily. The two sides will work together to accelerate the expansion of Youxian Daily's 100 categories, improve women's one-stop shopping experience, and jointly create a new benchmark for cooperation of "fresh e-commerce + FMCG and approved by the leading group"

daily Youxian has launched the full category strategy since 2018. Kimberly Clark's high-end female care brand Gaojie silk and facial tissue brand Shujie are the first Ribai products to enter the platform, and their sales continue to rise. In 2020, Youxian daily upgraded its supply chain strategy, proposed the "10 billion club" plan, invested 10 billion yuan, supported 10 billion scale suppliers, invested in incubating 100 new fresh brands, and focused on promoting the upstream of channels in FMCG categories. Jinbai interest rate first signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Daiichi Youxian and joined the "ten billion club" plan. According to the daily Youxian platform, in March this year, the sales of gaojiesi and Shujie series commodities increased by 360% year-on-year

in order to continue to expand the achievements of strategic cooperation between the two sides and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, the two sides will also have a long history of in-depth cooperation in product upgrading and brand marketing. Based on each other's market analysis and user insight, the two sides will jointly select and develop customized goods, create popular models, and expand the full category map of daily excellent food. At the brand marketing level, we will give full play to their respective data advantages, jointly formulate marketing strategies, and integrate marketing resources with high flow and high gross profit through targeted marketing, member marketing, cross category joint marketing and other ways, so as to improve the cognition and purchase of Kimberly Clark products by fresh user groups

it is understood that from May 1 to May 3, Youxian daily and Kimberly Clark jointly launched the "Youxian super brand day" activity, and gaojiesi women's hygiene products and Shujie facial tissue products participated in the promotion

Danny, vice president of daily premium products, said, "FMCG products account for nearly 30% of the sales on the daily premium platform, and the Ribai products, which are mainly women's needs, are becoming a new growth with Thailand for a long time. We hope to promote the upstream of FMCG products, increase the proportion of unified purchase of FMCG products, and provide our users with a more high-quality and high-priced one-stop service of a full range of products."

as a century old global enterprise, Kimberly Clark has always adhered to the core value of "innovation". It not only closely follows the needs of consumption upgrading in the Chinese market in product innovation, but also has been leading the industry in terms of Omni channel layout. Panghongliang, national sales director of Kimberly Clark, said: "For FMCG, the omni channel layout and grasping the dividend of e-commerce channel upgrading are very critical. The epidemic has catalyzed the rapid increase in the penetration rate of fresh e-commerce, and the daily excellent fresh user group is very consistent with Kimberly Clark's target users. Their strict control of commodity quality and the fastest delivery time of 30 minutes have brought users a better experience. We also hope to provide users with more excellent products through such a reliable platform Quality products. "

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