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At the beginning of 2009, the paint market is poised to seek a breakthrough. One and a half months have passed since the painful year of 2008 and 2009. The 2008 financial tsunami has brought too much thinking to the paint industry. After recalling the brilliant achievements of previous years, how to achieve sustainable development in 2009 has become an unavoidable problem for paint enterprises at home and abroad

some people will ask, which paint enterprises can survive and which enterprises can live brilliantly in 2009, is there a good recipe? The overall macro market in 2009, driven by the size of the national 4trillion investment pulling down domestic demand and then measuring output, was slightly "hopeful" than that in the second half of 2008. However, domestic coating enterprises should also see the risks and opportunities they face. Coating enterprises need to adjust their product structure, and how to choose the market, expand sales channels, and reduce costs have become the focus of coating enterprises' work in 2009. The focus topic is how to survive in the increasingly harsh market environment

according to the data monitored from Huicong coating market, which accounted for more than 60%, in January, due to the dual impact of the financial crisis and the Spring Festival holiday, the paint sales status was inferior to that of previous years. Due to the impact of the financial crisis on China's housing market, the demand for paint in real estate fell sharply. This trend has been highlighted in the paint market since the second half of 2008. As the shrinking demand for paint has directly affected the supply and sales of paint raw materials market, the sales of paint raw materials also accounted for about 12% to 14% of the cost of solar cells in the second half of 2008, and the prices of some products have also decreased to varying degrees

in January, 2009, Huicong paint market was the most concerned product

among the most concerned products in Huicong paint market in January, 2009, paint was still proud, while titanium dioxide and resin, as important raw materials of paint, ranked second in the list, Tanhua, and powder paint, epoxy resin, lotion, calcium carbonate, etc

due to the financial crisis, the export volume of furniture and other products has decreased, and the export volume of powder coatings has also decreased. The reduction of production orders of some coating enterprises in East and South China has an impact on the normal order of the market; Calcium carbonate is a resource-based product when using the verification lever and resignation weight. The existing market price belongs to the rational range, and there is not much fluctuation in the financial crisis

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