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Kimberly Clark will stop operating in Venezuela indefinitely

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core tip: according to foreign media reports, Kimberly Clark recently announced that it would stop operating in Venezuela indefinitely, and then the Venezuelan government in deep crisis issued a statement saying it would take over the U.S. consumer goods giant The production of health and hygiene products also shows the problem of uneven development in the industrial chain. Kimberly Clark, the enterprise, has just closed its factory and started production

[China Packaging News] according to foreign media reports, Kimberly Clark recently announced that it would stop operations in Venezuela indefinitely. Then the Venezuelan government, which was in deep crisis, issued a statement saying that it would take over the factory just closed by Kimberly Clark, an American consumer goods giant and health products manufacturer, and start production

it is reported that Kimberly Clark announced on July 10 that due to the deteriorating economic and trade situation in Venezuela, it decided to stop its operations in the country "indefinitely", allegedly because it could not obtain enough assets to buy raw materials

Venezuelan President Maduro said that this had significantly slowed down the nucleation and growth of pulverization, and that American enterprises had participated in the international conspiracy to destroy the Venezuelan economy, and that the government would provide public funds for the workers of the plant

the Venezuelan labor minister osvaldobella said that at the request of 971 employees, the Venezuelan government would take over the company's local factory

at the same time, Citibank of the United States announced that it would close in 30 days until the sample destroyed the accounts in the Central Bank of Venezuela and the Bank of Venezuela. In response, Maduro said in his television and radio address that the United States was imposing a "financial blockade" on Venezuela

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