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At the beginning of the fifteenth five year plan, Philip kept exploring the infrared world

Philips is a world leading enterprise in the design, manufacturing and sales of infrared thermal imagers. Our mission is to help professionals enhance their cognition and insight and make smarter decisions through technological innovation, so as to save lives and improve lives. FLIR China company was founded in 2004, with 15 years of youth, never forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind

yesterday, elites from all walks of life gathered at Philips' Shanghai headquarters to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of Philips China. At this meeting, Li Ming, general manager of China, delivered an opening speech

in order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of Philips China, five series of new products are specially released at this meeting to witness the continuous innovation and development of Philips products. Now let's let Xiao Fei introduce these new products in detail ~

high performance infrared thermal imager FLIR t840

flir t840 infrared (IR) thermal imager is designed to help power facilities and other thermal imaging professional inspectors detect equipment comfortably in indoor or outdoor environments, Find fault signs at any time

thanks to the integrated viewfinder and ultra clear 4-inch color LCD display, the t840 can easily perform detection tasks in a bright outdoor environment. 180 rotating lens and ergonomic design enable t840 to detect inaccessible devices in various environments. With the help of advanced built-in measurement tools such as one button level/span adjustment and laser assisted auto focusing, the temperature measurement results of each time can be accurately recorded. Using this highly flexible and innovative infrared thermal imager, through regular preventive maintenance, it can effectively avoid heavy losses caused by power outages and plant shutdown

flir ex XT Series

flir E4, e5-xt, e6-xt and e8-xt infrared thermal imagers are powerful, simple to use and affordable. They are ideal troubleshooting tools in the fields of construction, electrical and mechanical applications

in order to meet all the needs of users in target size, working distance, visual details and budget, ex XT Series has four models to choose from (infrared resolution up to 320x240 pixels), and the accurate temperature measurement range is as high as -20 ℃ to 550 ℃ (e6-xt and e8-xt). All models of ex XT Series support MSX? Technology and Wi Fi capabilities. MSX technology can provide users with extraordinary thermal imaging details. Wi Fi enables the speed regulation ratio to reach 500000 times (0.001mm/min - 500 mm/min). It can support the device to connect to mobile terminals such as smart and tablet computers through the FLIR tools mobile application, and then easily share images and send reports from any place, so that users can make decisions more quickly

flir t m testing and measuring new products

with the continuous development of Philip's innovative technology, the printed products produced by T m can reach the scale of cm or above, and the combination of products continues to be enriched and enhanced. The temperature and humidity products reviewed and released this time include mr176, mr160, mr77; FLIR moisture tester products include mr40, mr55, mr59, mr60; Temperature and humidity sensor external expansion probe mr11/mr01-ext; Em54 environmental tester; Infrared thermal image multimeter products dm284, dm285, dm166; Infrared imaging pincer table products cm174, cm275; Vp42 non-contact test pen, vt/vt voltage, continuity and current tester, etc

flir IRW infrared window

flir IRW xc/xs series infrared windows fully meet the requirements of NFPA 70E standard. It can be installed by tightening a pirma lock ring nut, which can provide a fast and efficient way to detect electrical devices. The staff can carry out electrical testing without removing the cover plate or opening the distribution cabinet, and a protective barrier is set between the tester and the energized equipment, effectively reducing the threat of arc flash

it adopts a standard corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide frame, or for alloy materials, it selects a solid and durable stainless steel frame, which avoids the corrosion problem caused by the contact of infrared windows with different metal materials. It also supports full infrared imaging, multi band dynamic enhanced imaging (MSX), and visible light imaging. Equipped with a wide-band transparent infrared window in recent years, it allows laser and lighting to pass directly, and can perfectly detect the operating state of the equipment

flir IRW xpc/xps is not only a new member of FLIR infrared window series, but also the only square infrared window in the industry. It helps you detect more efficiently, makes inaccessible components easy to detect, and saves costs by preventing accidental downtime. The rectangular polymer window is impact resistant and provides the largest observation area, which can monitor the completely undisturbed assets in the energized electrical equipment. IR windows XPC/XPS is durable and stable in harsh environments, and is suitable for most industrial environments and marine applications

research studio/flir insite software

flir research studio is a thermal analysis software for research and scientific applications. It provides users with a fast and efficient solution to display, record, analyze and report accurate thermal data by using low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump. With a simplified and intuitive graphical user interface and unique function settings, users at all levels can easily record and evaluate thermal data from multiple FLIR thermal imagers and recording sources at the same time

flir insite detection management application is a professional workflow management tool designed for electrical contractors and thermal photographers, which helps simplify the infrared detection process and easily realize data collection and reporting. With this program, you can formulate effective detection routes, directly allocate infrared images and test data to corresponding assets, ensure accurate preservation of documents and records, share information with your team and customers, and submit instant reports at the test site

FLIR is a world leading company committed to providing infrared thermal imagers and night vision equipment for scientific research, industry, commerce, civil, law enforcement agencies and military fields. Since its introduction into the Chinese market, FLIR has made outstanding contributions to the field of infrared thermal imaging in China with its technical advantages and product performance

now, Philips China has been founded for 15 years! In the future, filigree China will provide high-quality and excellent infrared thermal imaging products to filigree fans in more fields, bringing the thermal imaging industry to a new height. Let's develop together and build a beautiful infrared world

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