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A hose packaging extrusion appliance

application (patent) No.: cn 7. Application date: April 5, 2005 Name: a hose packaging extrusion apparatus publication (announcement) No.: CN publication (announcement) date: 2006 electronic universal testing machine should pay attention to when making samples 06.07 the intelligent automation solution and heating technology of the main classification number have been optimized for the injection molding process: b65d35/28 (2006.01) I Division original application number: Classification Number: b65d35/28 (2006.01) I; A47k5/00 (2006.015, effective workspace: 150 × one hundred and fifty × 240mm) I date of issue: priority: Applicant (patentee): Beijing Jiaotong University Address: 100044 No. 3 Shangyuan village, Xizhimenwai, Haidian District, Beijing inventor (designer): Gao Zhenchuan; Wang Xin International Application: international publication: date of entry into the country: patent agency: Agent: abstract the utility model discloses a hose packaging extrusion appliance, which is made of plastic. The shape is rectangular. Along the central axis of the long side of the rectangle, there is a long mouth 1 with a trumpet cross section. There is a slit 2 in the lower direction of the bell mouth. At both ends of the length direction of the bell mouth, there is a narrow groove 3 perpendicular to the central axis of the bell mouth. Thus, the slit 2 of the bell mouth has elastic pressure, which has two functions: one is to make the tail of the hose easy to insert into the slit; the other is that when the extruder is pushed, the substance in the hose can be extruded from the hose mouth and will not return to the extruded rear hose skin. The extruder thus stabilizes the extrusion volume, which has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, convenient use, repeated use, full use of hose packaged products, and reduced waste. Sovereignty item 1 The utility model relates to a hose packaging extruder, which is characterized in that the extruder is rectangular in shape, and there is an opening with a trumpet shaped cross section along the central axis in the direction of the long side of the rectangle. There is a slit below the trumpet, and at both ends of the length direction of the trumpet, there is a narrow groove perpendicular to the central axis of the trumpet

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