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A glass beer bottle that can be opened by rotation

"I used to wish I could have this kind of magic skill when I saw someone with Kung Fu perform opening the beer bottle cap with his bare hands; when I was in the catering management industry in Hegang, customers often asked the waiter to open the beer bottle, and customers injured themselves by opening the bottle with their teeth or opening two beer bottles opposite each other. At that time, I was also thinking how good it would be if I could unscrew the beer bottle cap with my hands. Now, my idea has finally come true, that is, we can change our joy To change this situation, the patented product of alliance international beverage packaging (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Beijing jinshenna beer packaging Service Co., Ltd.) is a rotatable 'easy' package (Patent No./acceptance No.: zl200820183264.5, a wine bottle with spiral buckle bottle mouth and self starter). "

Mr. liuergong, the inventor of the patent of "Yile" packaging, a beer bottle that can be manually rotated and opened, is the chairman of Yile alliance international beverage packaging (Beijing) Co., Ltd. It is his good wishes mentioned above that prompted him to develop "Yile" packaging. Compared with the traditional glass beer bottle, the "Yile" bottle has two different designs: the mouth and the bottom. On the basis of traditional glass beer bottles, the bottle mouth of "Yile" packaging bottle is designed with multi screw threads at the bottle mouth; The matching bottle cap comes from the ordinary metal beer bottle cap circulating in the market. On the production line, the ordinary bottle cap will be pressed by the capping machine to form an internal thread matching the multi screw thread at the bottle mouth to buckle the bottle cap. In this way, consumers can directly rotate the bottle cap without any opening tools to open and drink beer

"sometimes some women or people with little strength will have some difficulty in screwing the cap. I also designed an opener (the groove corresponding to the cap) at the bottom of the bottle. With the opener at the bottom of another bottle, rotate the lower beer bottle clockwise or rotate the upper beer bottle counterclockwise, and the cap will be easily opened. This is more convenient, and ordinary people can easily open it." If you can't finish the beer after opening the cap at one time, you can tighten the cap, which can keep the beer taste unchanged for several days. In this way, waste is reduced and the design is more humanized

China has been leading the world in beer production for six consecutive years, and there are more and more varieties of beer, such as raw beer, alcohol free beer, ice beer, warm beer and so on. While enterprises continue to introduce new varieties, the change of beer packaging is also a good means of competition in the situation that beer bottles almost "dominate the world". However, as far as packaging is concerned, the packaging with novel design and characteristics will leave a deep impression on consumers and help to improve the added value and sales of products; But as an enterprise, it will have a strong sense of cost. Will the use of "Yile" packaging increase the cost of the enterprise? Mr. Liu introduced his products to us in detail in combination with specific production practice, and compared them with other packaging methods with several groups of data

no need to replace the equipment will not increase the cost

compared with traditional beer bottles, the change of "Yile" packaging bottles lies in the mouth and bottom of the bottle, and the possible cost change lies in beer, which reflects the role of large manufacturers in the production process of bottles (bottle making enterprises). "During the production of beer bottles, the mold is divided into three parts: mouth mold, body mold and bottom mold. If you want to produce 'Yile' packaging bottles, you only need to replace the mouth mold and bottom mold. For beer bottle manufacturers, the mold used has a service life. A set of mold can produce 10000 beer bottles, and then you need to replace it. As long as you replace the unique mouth mold and bottom mold of 'Yile' when replacing, you can produce 'Yile' glass bottles. Through In our trial production, we determined that the price of the mold of 'Yile' is the same as that of ordinary glass bottles, and the amount of glass water (glass bottle material) used in production is the same, and the weight of the produced glass bottles is exactly the same as that of ordinary beer bottles. "

the cost of beer bottles will not change. Will it involve additional investment such as equipment replacement for beer production enterprises? Chairman Liu's commentary dispelled the author's concerns. "Compared with traditional beer bottles, the 'easy' bottle only changes at the mouth and bottom of the bottle, and nothing else has changed, so there is no need to change or replace the original filling and capping equipment on the beer production line; when capping, the ordinary bottle cap naturally forms an internal thread matching the bottle mouth thread under the stamping of the capping machine, which can be rotated and opened along the thread. In this way, for beer production enterprises, it will not increase any production cost."

in view of the fact that some beer enterprises have launched PET bottles, which are also easy to open, chairman Liu calculated an account for us and made a comparison: at present, the cost of a 500ml glass bottle for beer is 0. About 67 yuan, "Yile" bottle can be recycled for 8 times, equivalent to less than 0 each time. 1 yuan, plus the cost of recycling, cleaning and disinfection, about 0. 3 yuan, using 500ml "Yile" bottle costs about 0 each time. 4 yuan; The market price of PET beer bottles with the same capacity is 0.. 2 yuan. Compared with PET bottles, the cost of "Yile" glass beer bottles per 500ml is 0. 6 yuan. If the output is large, it is not a small number. Pet is a downstream product of oil, which is greatly affected by the fluctuation of international oil price, and the price will be higher in the future; The use of PET bottles also requires the transformation of equipment, which is relatively expensive; Moreover, plastic bottles are not as environmentally friendly as glass bottles, and consumers are not easy to accept them; In the future, with the improvement of glass bottle technology and the introduction of small mouth pressure blowing method, glass bottles will develop to lightweight, the cost of glass bottles will continue to be reduced, and they will be more competitive in the future

authorized production authorized use of

"Yile" packaging is easy to change the residual internal stress in the extruded layer of beer bottles, but it can bring a competitive point to the packaging of beer production enterprises; For consumers, it will bring great convenience. How does this patent apply to production? How can beer manufacturers use this patented technology? In this regard, chairman Liu proposed a concept: authorized production, authorized use

"authorized production, authorized use" is the business model of terminal authorized use, which is to authorize the terminal unit to use, and charge the terminal unit a penny per bottle for each use, which is equivalent to 20 yuan per ton per year. Liu Dong said, "a penny accounts for a small proportion of the price of a bottle of beer, but the resulting change - the novel packaging will arouse the interest of consumers, bring sales selling points to manufacturers, and improve sales is very helpful. It's no exaggeration to say that you give me a penny, and I'll pay you back a dollar."

"In fact, many enterprises are interested in our products, but they have doubts about the production without changing the equipment and increasing the cost. Our company has samples of 'Yile' bottles and capping machines, which can be used for on-site demonstrations for customers. After a period of communication with beer manufacturers, now there are more than 100 willing to accept our product tests. Next, we will distribute 'Yile' sample bottles to these enterprises Industry, so that they can experience the whole production process of cleaning, disinfection, filling, capping, testing, etc. on the existing production line of the enterprise. Then we will talk about specific cooperation. " Mr. Liu said that beer production enterprises can be allowed to try for free first. At the initial stage of cooperation, the authorized use fee can also be charged only a corresponding percentage. "As long as you use it, I'm not afraid you don't need it." Liu Dong's joke shows his full confidence in the patented technology. In addition, Mr. Liu also said that as long as it is a cooperative customer authorized to produce and use, the company will also purchase third-party insurance, and the personal injury of its beer products in use will be compensated by Yile alliance company

talking about the prospect of this patented technology, Mr. Liu said that at present, some European and American countries have also adopted similar technologies in beer packaging, which are very popular with consumers. At present, this aspect is still blank in China, but through our promotion, we believe it will be applied in the beer industry. It is estimated that within ten years, 30% of beer bottles will be packaged with "Yile". According to statistics, China's annual beer production reached 40 million kiloliters in 2007, and more than 70% of the world's beer was filled in glass bottles, "At present, some enterprises have begun to try beer packaging with other materials, but I think glass bottles will continue to be used in the next hundred years. So our patented product is still very promising. Now we will publish some information about this patented product on the website of Yile alliance company at any time. We hope to reach a cooperation agreement with domestic enterprises as soon as possible. According to the communication with beer enterprises, we We will consider exclusive licensing with large beer manufacturers, and may also authorize multiple enterprises to use it, depending on the subsequent negotiations with enterprises. If the cooperation is reached, we will announce it on the website. If any consumer finds that there is unauthorized infringement, he can report it, and our company will give rewards. "

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