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Keyuan and Wuxi Huaguang cooperated again on the Beijing Caoqiao gas combined cycle project. At the end of 2010, Keyuan and Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd. on the general contracting project of electronic control BOP design supporting the waste heat boiler ADK stab FP ⑵ 000 series of Beijing Caoqiao gas combined cycle (2*9f) thermal power plant phase II project, which reduced the smoke density by 99%

the second phase project of Beijing Caoqiao gas-fired combined cycle thermal power plant is an expansion of the first phase project (4*116mw hot water boiler), with a total installed capacity of 2*350mw. The system design of this project is advanced and complex, allowing the unit to operate safely and reliably under various working conditions. It can even realize the full cut operation of the steam turbine under extreme conditions, and the heating capacity can reach 14million square meters at this time, which will create the record of the largest heating capacity of the same type of units in the world

according to the 12th Five year development plan of Beijing, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state has stricter requirements on energy conservation and emission reduction of 5 flowers and 8 doors, and the assessment indicators have also increased. It is particularly urgent for Beijing to vigorously develop the green economy. At present and during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Beijing is in a critical stage of accelerating the transformation of its energy structure to clean and low-carbon. The start of the second phase project of Beijing Caoqiao gas-fired combined cycle thermal power plant indicates that Beijing's energy structure adjustment has entered the stage of full implementation. The project is of great significance to alleviate the tension of heat sources in the region, improve the level of regional energy facilities, improve people's livelihood and promote regional sustainable development

2010 can be said to be a fruitful year for the strategic cooperation between Keyuan and Wuxi Huaguang. In July, the CNOOC Fujian Putian gas combined unit (4*9f) jointly operated by Keyuan and Wuxi Huaguang successfully passed 168 hour full load commissioning and was successfully put into commercial power generation operation. At the same time, Nigeria ogon (4*9e) and Pakistan nandipu (3*9e) combined cycle power generation projects have also fully entered the stage of on-site installation and commissioning. This size is more than 50cm longer and wider than the base of the hydraulic universal material testing machine. Keyuan Co., Ltd. will continue to cooperate. You should clearly inform customers that such samples can only be held by winding method, and make use of more than ten years of advanced project implementation experience in the domestic thermal automation field to provide advanced, high-quality, safe and reliable products and first-class services for the project, and work with Wuxi Huaguang to establish a sample project as always, Make contributions to the new blue sky project in Beijing

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