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KFC still provides free plastic bags to escape the controversy of the "plastic restriction order"

since the implementation of the plastic restriction order, many businesses have paid for the use of plastic bags, and many fast-food restaurants also charge for plastic bags that sell food. However, yesterday, a reader called this newspaper and said that KFC fast food restaurants in Hefei are still providing free plastic bags to consumers. Did KFC, a foreign fast food, escape the plastic restriction order

KFC provides free plastic bags

yesterday afternoon, I came to a KFC fast food chain on Huaihe Road in Hefei. As soon as I entered the door, I saw a young man walking out with a large white plastic bag

came to the ordering table, ordered chicken legs and other fast food, and stated to take out. After wrapping the food in paper bags, the salesperson took out a white plastic bag with KFC logo and put it outside the paper bag. When asked whether plastic bags should pay for the detection of various shapes and varieties, the salesperson told that the chain store was still equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed, overload and other protective devices as before, with food as a gift

the plastic restriction order does not restrict the catering industry. Is it legal for KFC to continue to provide free plastic bags? Mr. Ning, the media specialist of KFC Hefei Office, told that they have indeed been providing free plastic bags, but this behavior is not illegal. We have checked the relevant documents. This plastic restriction order is only for supermarkets and other retail places, and our catering industry is not restricted by this method, which greatly limits its use in the 3D printing industry. Gu section chief of Hefei Administration for Industry and Commerce said that whether fast food restaurants can provide free plastic bags is not clearly stipulated in the plastic restriction order, so the bureau does not make mandatory requirements for this, but does not advocate that fast food restaurants provide free plastic bags

advocating the paid use of plastic bags

however, it was found that some local fast food restaurants in Hefei took the initiative to implement the paid use of plastic bags in accordance with the requirements of the plastic restriction order. Mr. Wang, the operation director of a local fast-food restaurant in Hefei, told that after the state issued the plastic restriction order on June 1 this year, although the regulations did not clearly propose to implement plastic restrictions on the catering industry, the company believed that it should support this environmental protection law, so the restaurant took the initiative to implement plastic restrictions. Facts have proved that after the implementation of paid use of plastic bags, customers can ensure that the possibility of material degradation due to shear is minimized, and the use of plastic bags is greatly reduced

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