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Research on issues needing attention in the implementation of EAM system

at present, the demand for asset management in traditional industries is growing, especially in large enterprises. But speaking of EAM, it is not widely known. However, with the rapid economic development, it can bring unexpected value to enterprises. However, many enterprises are confused when choosing the system to realize management informatization. Should they go to ERP first, then EAM, or directly go to EAM system

as early as 1980, Chinese enterprises began to introduce ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. By 2000, China had invested a huge amount of money in ERP, but there were not many completely successful cases

even after some enterprises use ERP system, the management level of their "equipment" has declined. The reason is that ERP system is a "resource planning management system" that manages the resources of the whole supply chain. It is a set of management system with finance as the core. Although the ERP suite also includes asset management, for enterprises with high requirements for asset and equipment management, such as power and other asset intensive enterprises, It is simply impossible to carry out comprehensive and standardized management of specific equipment. There are many parts that have nothing to do with cash flow but must be done, such as maintenance and testing, which cannot be incorporated into the ERP platform

therefore, industry experts said that for enterprises with high requirements for asset management, the efficiency of ERP has reached its limit. In the face of advanced and increasingly expensive large-scale equipment, its maintenance, repair and accessories have become huge expenses for enterprises. In addition to using ERP to reflect costs, how to ensure that costs are not damaged is the task of EAM

eam (enterprise asset management system) is a computerized asset management and maintenance system, which can help enterprises obtain better performance information management from tangible assets, and enable enterprises to get rid of the "bloated" and "sluggish" caused by asset and equipment management. For example, an obese person can lose weight by losing fat. She added that it must be easy to walk. An enterprise can also help equipment maintenance and other asset management "slimming" through EAM system

Feng Bingqiang, chief consultant of Beijing Haydn New Technology Co., Ltd., said, "The reason why many process enterprises that have introduced ERP system urgently need to use EAM system is that EAM and ERP pay attention to different aspects.

EAM pays attention to enterprise maintenance and spare parts management, and many jobs related to these two contents, such as annual inspection of machinery and equipment, lubrication, inspection of pipelines in individual industries, are irrelevant to cash flow. In this case, ERP system with finance as the core cannot be covered It covers all asset management links, so it is very necessary to use the EAM system. "

although EAM system involves early selection and procurement of equipment, inventory and later equipment management assessment, it is integrated with ERP, but ERP and EAM are suitable for different types of customers. EAM system is very suitable for capital and technology intensive power, telecommunications, petrochemical and other large enterprises, because modern enterprise management increasingly emphasizes the ability to use tangible assets to produce high-quality goods and provide high-quality services

should enterprises with high requirements for asset management directly introduce EAM system with equipment maintenance and spare parts management as the primary focus? For example, if users in industries such as coal mines and ports deploy EAM first, will they no longer need to use ERP? Not necessarily. Zouyong, business consulting manager of infor's technology licensing department, expressed the view that each enterprise in different industries should take its own actual situation as the starting point, adjust measures to local conditions, and only choose a management system suitable for its own industry characteristics

the main reason for making a choice is to see which line the enterprise wants to make more profits. If it is an enterprise with finance as the core and focusing on resource circulation and planning, it is not necessary to choose EAM. However, if an enterprise in the process industry focuses on equipment management, EAM is the first choice. He added: "although some people think that EAM and ERP are moving towards integration, it is like a general hospital. Although the departments are complete and the medical level is not low, it is not as professional as a specialized hospital after all."

Feng Bingqiang of Haydn suggested that enterprises should choose the EAM system of foreign manufacturers or the system developed by domestic manufacturers, "If the enterprise itself is a replicable model type, such as the power industry, its own industry standards are very strong, and foreign manufacturers have developed a relatively standardized EAM system, so it is not unreasonable to choose to bring it. Power, steel and other energy enterprises choose the products of CA company and MRO company. However, enterprises focusing on research and development need to find cooperation with their own suitable software manufacturers. In this regard, domestic manufacturers still have their own advantages." Own advantages. "

eam's gold content

eam will bring "benefit and safety" to enterprises

first of all, the biggest benefit that EAM will bring to enterprises is that it scientifically standardizes the management of enterprise equipment, so that the management of "human brain" alone can be transformed into "computer" management. The core idea of EAM is to manage the equipment on the basis of statistics and analysis according to a large number of historical and later accumulated data information. The longer the equipment operates, the more data, the more regular things, and the more effective information it provides. It can be said that EAM is a more accurate system. After the introduction of EAM, enterprises can avoid the phenomenon of excess or lack of maintenance to the greatest extent

Feng Bingqiang told, "Jilin Petrochemical needed to overhaul once every two years before going to EAM system, with a cost of more than 500million yuan each time, while enterprises of the same size needed to overhaul once at least 4-5 years in South Korea. It can be seen that due to the insufficient degree of equipment management in Chinese enterprises, the cost spent on equipment maintenance is 2-3 times that of foreign enterprises. Chinese enterprises mainly increase the maintenance cost relatively frequently on the basis of subjective judgment, no They are afraid of problems, resulting in a relative excess of maintenance

of course, due to the lack of standardization and accuracy of the operation of the equipment, sometimes there will be a lack of maintenance, which will cause hidden dangers to the safety production of enterprises. For example, equipment maintenance should be carried out once every two years. As a result, due to sudden power failure or other special circumstances, the equipment will fail in advance, and the enterprise will suffer great losses. "

eam reflects the management idea of focusing on preventive maintenance and strengthening cost accounting. When equipment assets account for more than 50% of the company's total assets or the company's production equipment reaches the order of tens of millions of yuan, it is necessary to introduce EAM system. Because excess or lack of maintenance is avoided to the greatest extent, the enterprise will then obtain higher return on assets and achieve a safer and reliable production environment

Liu Jian, director of EAM sales in China of infor company, introduced the rating standard of the benefits EAM will bring to the enterprise:

the enterprise will increase the range after using EAM system

increase the effective working time of equipment by 10% - 20%

reduce the inventory of equipment and accessories by 10% - 25%

reduce (maintenance) downtime by 10% - 2 (2) Dig a hole in the installation position of the experimental machine down 0%

improve the use efficiency of the machine by 20% - 30%

Liu Jianming also said that the data showed that EAM standardized and quantified enterprise asset management through pre planning, in-process processing and post analysis and evaluation of asset management, so as to make asset management clearer. Although different enterprises have different management modes, EAM can definitely enable enterprises to achieve the goal of safe, healthy and sustainable development, and truly achieve energy conservation

in addition, Liu Jianming also introduced that the toughness or brittleness of the sample was confirmed by the energy difference before and after the pendulum impacted the sample: compared with ERP system, EAM involves fewer departments, simple process, investment scale is generally 1/5 to 1/10 of ERP, short implementation cycle and fast return, which is an effective and convenient way for enterprise informatization. If the enterprise has a complete EAM system, then 3. The special program for spring detection designed according to the national standard can provide a "fault experience base" for the enterprise through long-term practice, and the enterprise will not worry about the corresponding losses caused by the brain drain. At the same time, it is also of great help to the training of newcomers

problems that should be paid attention to in implementation

although EMA has been successfully applied in large asset intensive enterprises, not all enterprises with high requirements for asset management need to urgently introduce a set of EAM system to speed up their informatization? At the same time, EAM is a new asset management mode, which is an advanced and effective management idea and method. However, in the actual promotion and application, if its application depth and breadth are not in place, it will not only have no significant effect, but also become a "burden" for enterprises

the just concluded central economic work conference stressed that we must deeply understand that "sound and fast" development is the essential requirement for the full implementation of the scientific concept of development. The so-called "good and fast" means that the word "good" comes first, and then "fast". When enterprises realize information-based management, they should also first achieve moderation and appropriateness, which is a good foundation. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following two points when implementing EAM:

first, enterprises should choose the most suitable software system according to their actual situation. Feng Bingqiang introduced the experience of Beijing Drainage Group. Before going to EAM system, beipai carried out a long-term type selection analysis. This selection process is the biggest premise for the final use of the system. It is also a process of running in between enterprises and manufacturers. Only when the running in is good, enterprises will "tailor" to a set of software system that is most suitable for their own characteristics and can play its role

secondly, the implementation of EAM is a comprehensive reform of enterprise asset management. EAM is not only a system, but also an embodiment of management thought and a basic project. After all, computer systems are operated by people, so it is necessary to formulate relevant management systems, correct the attitude of all operators, and strictly require operators to operate carefully according to requirements

before Beijing Drainage Group launched the EAM system, various leadership meetings were held hundreds of times. At the same time, iron discipline was stipulated and the basic work of management was done well, which could not be provided by any good application software and software supplier

Liu Jianming, the sales director of EAM China of infor company, also gave the same suggestion. Maybe the EAM system may increase the necessary workload for some employees, but the enterprise must instill a global idea into employees, and do not cause the decline or failure of the overall system efficiency because of the laziness of individual operators

because the use of EAM system is a cyclical process, it may be only the owner of the asset who gets the benefit at first, but slowly, the benefit will be revealed. Leaders of enterprises must deal with the "conflict of interest" with lower level employees

only by achieving ideological unity and strict discipline, can EAM system truly realize its standardized asset management and improve the value of return on assets. This is also the key means for enterprises to avoid the embarrassing situation of "riding the tiger" after the introduction of high funds into the system. (end)

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